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About Gecko

Gecko was formed in 2001 and is an award winning and internationally-acclaimed physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav.

With an expanding ensemble of international performers and makers, Gecko works across diverse age groups, nationalities and forms. The company tours nationally and internationally and continues to develop strong partnerships around the world.

Beyond the stage, Gecko aspires to open the doors on their process via every possible avenue, be it digital, in schools or through one-to-one relationships with their audience.

Company Information

Gecko's work is visual, visceral and ambitious theatre created to inspire, move and entertain. Gecko strives to make their work open to interpretation and puts their audience at the heart of the narrative.

Since 2001 Gecko has created six critically-acclaimed shows which have toured the length and breadth of the UK as well as 25 other countries around the world.

Taylor's Dummies, The Race, The Arab & The Jew, The Overcoat, Missing and Institute.